Will Apex Legends Mobile Characters Arrive In PC and Console Version?

On 18th May 2022 Apex Legends Mobile was released globally for mobile devices on Android & iOS. In the global release of the game, lots of improvements have been made and a new legend “Fade” is added.

After the release of Fade in mobile version, fans are having question that will Apex Legends Mobile Character FADE will arrive in PC & Console Version. So the direct answer to this question is NO. Here we have discussed everything about FADE that it will arrive in PC and Console version or not.

Apex Legends Mobile Characters List and Abilities

In an official statement, Respawn confirmed that they have no plans to bring Fade to PC. In the future, it might be available, but Fade is developed for mobile devices. Mobile version is a separate game, so it is 100% confirmed that it won’t be available on the other platforms.

That’s all about Will Apex Legends Mobile Characters Arrive in PC & Console Version. It might arrive in future, but the chances of its arrival is very rare

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