Apex Legends Mobile Weapons List & Details (Damage, Ammo Fire Rate)

This article is a complete guide to Apex Legends Mobile weapons list and details. Here you will know everything about Apex Mobile guns damage, Apex Legends Mobile weapons ammo and fire rate. In the game there are different categories of weapons available and each of them have its own unique characteristics. But this guide will help you in the easiest ways to get complete info about the weapons of Apex Mobile.

In Apex Mobile, the best way to identify ammo is by its color because it is hard to remember their names. The ammo and their colors are:

  • Brown Color: Light Ammo
  • Red Color: Shotgun Shells
  • Blue Color: Sniper Ammo
  • Green Color: Heavy Rounds
  • Light Green: Energy Ammo
Apex Legends Mobile Weapons List and Details (Damage, Ammo Fire Rate)

Apex Legends Mobile Weapons List & Details

Here is the list of the weapons, range, fire rate and its ammo. All the weapons belong to different categories, that’s why for your convenient I have divided them in separate parts.

Assault Rifle (AR)

WeaponsAmmoRangeFIre Rate
FlatlineHeavy Rounds461M600 RPM
G7 ScoutLight Ammo661M270 RPM
R-301 CarbineLight Ammo475M810 RPM
Hemlok Burst ARHeavy Rounds612M492 RPM
Havoc RifleEnergy Ammo494M672 RPM

Submachine Guns (SMGs)

WeaponsAmmoRangeFire Rate
R-99 SMGLight Ammo242M1080RPM
Alternator SMGLight Ammo223M600RPM
Prowler Burst PDWHeavy Rounds204M780RPM
Volt SMGEnergy Ammo290M630RPM

Light Machine Guns (LMGs)

WeaponsAmmoRangeFire Rate
SpitfireHeavy Rounds457M540RPM
L-Star EMGEnergy Ammo337M600RPM
Devotion LMGEnergy Ammo531M900RPM


WeaponsAmmoRangeFire Rate
PeacekeeperShotgun Shells179M58RPM
MozambiqueShotgun Shells103M132RPM
EVA-8 AutoShotgun Shells179M120RPM
Mastiff ShotgunShotgun Shells128M78RPM


WeaponsAmmoRangeFire Rate
Longbow DMRSniper Ammo915M78RPM
Triple TakeSniper Ammo880M75RPM
Charge RifleSniper Ammo918M42RPM
SentinelSniper Ammo35M915M
KraberSniper Ammo980M29RPM


WeaponsAmmoRangeFire Rate
P2020Light Ammo210M510RPM
RE-45 AUTOLight Ammo204M780RPM
WingmanHeavy Rounds222M156RPM

That’s all about Apex Legends Mobile Weapons List & Details (Damage, Ammo Fire Rate). I have tried to share the complete details about the Apex Mobile weapons list, hope you find it useful. If you have any further queries or suggestions about the Apex Mobile weapons, please let us know about it in the below comments.

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