Best Sensitivity Settings For Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile Sensitivity Settings: In Apex Legends Mobile, there are dozens of settings and Display Settings is the fifth step towards achieving the best sensitivity setting for Apex Legends Mobile. Sensitivity settings are the speed at which our character responds on the screen. Higher the settings faster the response will happen but if you are having higher sensitivity it might be occurred sometimes also. So it is recommended to adjust settings according to your need.

Here are the Best Sensitivity Settings For Apex Legends Mobile to have a better gaming experience. In this article, I have tried to mention the best sensitivity settings which are useful for you. Every player has their own playing style, my suggestion is to make some changes in it so that you achieve the best settings that you actually need.

How To Customize Sensitivity Settings In Apex Legends Mobile?

  1. Login to the game
  2. Click on Settings (bottom corner)
  3. Navigate to Sensitivity Settings
  4. Start customizations
  5. Click Save Settings Once Customization is done
  6. Choose location in which tab you want to save these settings
Best Sensitivity Settings For Apex Legends Mobile

Overall Sensitivity

Rotation ModeFixed Speed
Sensitivity AdjustmentOn
Overall SensitivityCustom
FPP Free Camera (Focus)Off
TPP Free Camera (Focus)On
Free Camera (Focus)300
Sensitivity Acceleration111

Camera Sensitivity

FPP without ADS aiming down sights218
TPP without ADS aiming down sights130
Iron Sights 1x Scope ADS130
2x Scope ADS100
3x Scope ADS61
4x Scope ADS57
6x Scope ADS42
8x Scope ADS33
10x Scope ADS14

Ordance Sensitivity

Ordance Sensitivity200
Legend (Throwing) Ability Sensitivity200

Apex Legends Mobile Best Advanced Settings Options

Firing Sensitivity

FPP Shooting without ADS218
TPP Shooting without ADS130
Iron Sights 1x Scope ADS Shooting130
2x Scope ADS Shooting100
3x Scope ADS Shooting61
4x Scope ADS Shooting57
6x Scope ADS Shooting42
8x Scope ADS Shooting33
10x Scope ADS Shooting14

Gyroscope Viewing Sensitivity

Gyroscope FPP without ADS95
Gyroscope TPP without ADS100
Gyroscope 1x Scope ADS90
Gyroscope 2x Scope ADS75
Gyroscope 3x Scope ADS62
Gyroscope 4x Scope ADS50
Gyroscope 6x Scope ADS42
Gyroscope 8x Scope ADS35
Gyroscope 10x Scope ADS25

Gyroscope Firing Sensitivity

Gyroscope FPP Shooting without ADS95
Gyroscope TPP Shooting without ADS100
Gyroscope 1x Scope Shooting90
Gyroscope 2x Scope Shooting75
Gyroscope 3x Scope Shooting62
Gyroscope 4x Scope Shooting50
Gyroscope 6x Scope Shooting42
Gyroscope 8x Scope Shooting35
Gyroscope 10x Scope Shooting25

These are the Best Sensitivity Settings For Apex Legends Mobile. As I said earlier, every player has their own playing style. But as a beginner, or even you are playing from a long time, these settings will be very much useful. If you have any further queries or suggestions, the comment section is always opened for you.

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