Best Pickup Settings For Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile Pickup Settings: In Apex Legends Mobile, there are dozens of settings and Pickup Settings is the eighth step towards achieving the best setting for Apex Legends Mobile. Pickup settings help you in picking the best items quickly. It is like picking weapons, ammunition, other equipments. By following below settings, you can achieve the best sound settings in Apex Legends Mobile

Here are the Best Pickup Settings For Apex Legends Mobile to have a better gaming experience. In this article, I have tried to mention all the settings. Every player has their own playing style, my suggestion is to make some changes in it so that you achieve the best settings that you actually need.

How To Customize Pickup Settings In Apex Legends Mobile?

  1. Login to the game
  2. Click on Settings (bottom corner)
  3. Navigate to Pickup Settings
  4. Start customizations
  5. Click Save Settings Once Customization is done
  6. Choose location in which tab you want to save these settings
Best Pickup Settings For Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile Best Pickup Settings

When pickup list is closed, stop Auto-PickupOn
Hide pickup list during combatOn
Auto-Pickup IntervalShort
Hold to toggle intervalShort

Apex Legends Mobile Best Consumables Settings

Med Kit2
Shield Cell8
Shield Battery2
Phoenix Kit1
Ultimate Accelerant0
Frag Grenade0
Thermite Grenade1
Arc Star2
Vault Key1

Apex Legends Mobile Best Assault Rifle Settings

G7 Scout270
Hemlok Burst AR270
R-301 Carbine270
Havoc Rifle270

Apex Legends Mobile Best SMG Settings

Volt SMG270
Alternator SMG270
Prowler Burst POW270
R-99 SMG270

Apex Legends Mobile Best LMG Settings

Devotion LMG270

Apex Legends Mobile Best Sniper Settings

Longbow DMR64
Triple Take64
Charge Rifle64

Apex Legends Mobile Best Shotgun Settings

EVA-8 Auto24
Mastiff Shotgun24

Apex Legends Mobile Best Pistol Settings

RE-45 Auto180

For your better understanding, here is a video guide that will help you understand all the settings mentioned in the above tables, and you can achieve the best pickup settings for Apex Legends Mobile.

These are the Best Pickup Settings For Apex Legends Mobile. As I said earlier, every player has their own playing style. But as a beginner, or even you are playing from a long time, these settings will be very much useful. If you have any further queries or suggestions, the comment section is always opened for you.

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