10 Tips To Fix Heating Issues In Apex Legends Mobile?

This article is the complete guide on How To Fix Heating Issues In Apex Legends Mobile. Gaming consumes lots of device resources at once, which causes the increase in heating in budget smartphones. But there are activities that can be performed to cool down the device and enjoy a better gaming experience.

The heating issue occurs mainly of budget smartphones, so it is necessary to put the graphics and FPS at the lowest settings so that the game doesn’t put much load on the device and game runs smoothly without any issue.

Tips To Fix Heating Issues In Apex Legends Mobile?

How To Fix Heating Issues In Apex Legends Mobile?

Some of the tips that can be followed to fix heating issues in Apex Legends Mobile are:

  1. Take Break: Playing Apex Mobile Continuously for hours without continuously for hours affects the device performance and cause heating, so it is necessary to take break after 1 or 2 matches and keep the device in a side to cool down normally.
  2. Close Backgrounds Apps: Sometime apps running in background consumes more resources and power which leads to overheating. Make sure you have closed all the apps running in background before playing Apex Legends Mobile or any other game.
  3. Remove Cover: In almost every device, majority of the heat is generated at the back of device and mobile cover absorbs all the heat and takes time to release them due to which device becomes heat quickly. So remove the cover when you are playing games.
  4. Don’t Play While Charging: In every budget phone if the device is put on charging it generates some heat and if you are gaming while charging it will speed up the heating process. So never play Apex Mobile when the device is on charging mode.
  5. Don’t Play Under Sunlight: Sunlight produces heat and gaming makes the device heat too, and when you play games under sunlight it produces huge amount of heat. So never play games under sunlight.
  6. Clear Cache: Sometimes cache works as background application, so we advise you to clear phone cache before starting Apex Legends Mobile.
  7. Lower Brightness: For clear visibility, players put the phone brightness at maximum level, which is not good for our eyes as well as our phone. Keeping ideal brightness is healthy for both the eyes and phone.
  8. Find Cool Location: There are some location in every house where the weather is cooler than compared to other locations, so always play games in a cool location. For better comfort, you can also go for a good air conditioner (AC).
  9. Reduce FPS: Reducing FPS might affect the gameplay, but it will improve the heating issue, and you will be able to play the game for long time without facing heating issue.
  10. Upgrade Device: If you are device is still causing heating issues again and again, then the last option that you can do is to upgrade the device and get a high performing device.

That’s all about how to fix heating issues in Apex Legends Mobile. The above-mentioned tips can be followed not only to fix heating problem but also improves the gaming experience, and it works well with every game and apps installed on your device.

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