Best Gameplay Settings For Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile Gameplay Settings: In Apex Legends Mobile, there are dozens of settings and Gameplay Settings is the second step towards achieving the best sensitivity setting for Apex Legends Mobile. Gameplay settings help you in making your gameplay better by providing better view angle, using equipments in a right way, and performs any action in the game which is best for the game.

Here are the Best Gameplay Settings For Apex Legends Mobile to have a better gaming experience. In this article, I have tried to mention only those settings which are useful for you. Every player has their own playing style, my suggestion is to make some changes in it so that you achieve the best settings that you actually need.

How To Customize Basic Settings In Apex Legends Mobile?

  1. Login to the game
  2. Click on Settings (bottom corner)
  3. Navigate to Gameplay Settings
  4. Start customizations
  5. Click Save Settings Once Customization is done
  6. Choose location in which tab you want to save these settings
Best Gameplay Settings For Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile Gameplay Settings

Gameplay settings are divided into 3 different sections, so do them one by one. Let’s have a look at all of them:

Apex Legends Mobile Best Gameplay Settings

Auto-Open DoorOff
Ping ButtonOn
Double tap the screen to pingOff
Map Radar AlertOn
Crosshair Radar AlertOn
Toggle between Third-Person/First-PersonOn
  • Auto-Open Doors: Doors will automatically open when you reach near the door.
  • Ping Button: It is used to ping people, loot for your teammates.
  • Map Radar Alert: It let you know where people are.
  • FOV: Maximum the FOV (Field Of View) wider the screen will display, so you can see a large screen.

Apex Legends Mobile Best Movement Settings

Use the Crouch button to rotate the cameraOff
Use the Jump button to rotate the cameraOff
Climbing Control ModeClassic
Crouching ControlsTap
Joystick triggers Auto-RunOn
  • Crouching Controls:
    • Tap: Tap the button to crouch. Tap again to stand.
    • Hold: Hold the button to keep crouching, release to stand.
  • Joystick triggers Auto-Run: Holding the movement joystick forward will trigger the Auto-Run button to appear, then moving your finger to that button will maintain Auto-Run.

Apex Legends Mobile Best Advanced Settings Options

Auto-Open ChestsOff
Auto-Ping itemsOff
Auto-Ping EnemiesOff
Left Ping ButtonOff
Quick PingOff
Ability screen shake effectOff
Quick PingGo Here, Enemies
Ping Info Opacity60%
Attachments BackpackOff
Smart Healing Item RecommendationOff
Toggle to use Healing ItemsOn
Continuously use Health ItemsOff
Continuously use Shield BatteryOff
Vertical Zipline Interact ButtonOn
Vertical Zipline Direction TipsOff
Zipline Button SettingsDisplay
Riding on Zipline ModesSingle Tap
Direction when riding on Vertical ZiplineOff
Allow Left Shoulder CameraOff
Minimap RotationOff
Enable Autoplay for Squadmates after going offlineOn
  • Smart Healing Item Recommendation: When turned on, it will recommend the most suitable healing items according to your current health.
  • Riding On Zipline Modes:
    • Double Tap: Go near the zipline and double tap the Jump button to use it.
    • Single Tap: Go near the zipline and single tap the jump button to use it.
    • PS: You can tap the Jump button when your Legend is mid-air to get on the zipline with both methods.

For your better understanding, here is a video guide that will help you understand all the settings mentioned in the above tables, and you can achieve the best gameplay settings for Apex Legends Mobile.

These are the Best Gameplay Settings For Apex Legends Mobile. As I said earlier, every player has their own playing style. But as a beginner, or even you are playing from a long time, these settings will be very much useful. If you have any further queries or suggestions, the comment section is always opened for you.

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