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Version: 1.0.1576.194 File Size: 2.6GB

What Is Apex Legends Mobile?

Apex Legends Mobile is a strategic battle royale FPP shooter game developed by Electronic Arts (EA) for mobile devices. Here you can choose the best and your favorite character depending upon their special powers. The concept of the game is the same as all the other battle royale games, where the last standing party becomes the champion.

The game consists of 60 players where 20 squad lands with 3 players in each squad. For becoming the champion, you have to play it by applying the best strategy to defeat the opponent and grab victory over them by using the best equipment available in the game.

In the initial days, it was released for PC & Console, but after increasing the demand for mobile devices, Respawn (Game Developer) published the game with EA. In the final version of the global release, lots of amazing graphics have been added with the improved user interface.

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Why This Is The Best Battle Royale Mobile Game?

According to PCGamer.com, this is one of the best battle royale mobile games. The reason why Apex Legends Mobile is the best battle royale game is that it comes with improved graphics and a better user experience. It contains only 60 players in a match with a team of 3 players.

There are many battle royale games like PUBG Mobile, BGMI, and Garena Free Fire that are already available for mobile and each of them has its own unique concept, game mechanics, and a lot of amazing things. But the Apex Mobile is offering even much better gameplay with unique features.

Why This Is The Best Battle Royale Mobile Game?
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Apex Legends Mobile offers lots of amazing features which makes the game much more interesting to play because of its improved graphic design. Some of the important features of the game are:

Free To Play

It is 100% free to play on all the platforms. Only cosmetics and in-game items require purchase.

Make Friends

Making friends online is always exciting and here you can make friends and play together.


Different modes have different maps with unique items. Players can play in any mode.


It is built with Lightspeed to deliver the best graphics and user experience without lag.

Voice Chat

In battle royale games chat is important so a voice chat facility is integrated for better UX.


Maps are an important part and the game has 6+ different maps with different experiences.


Players can play in a team of 3 players where a total of 60 players will be available in the game.


It has 11 different characters (legends) with unique specialties & more are developing.


The game has dozens of weapons of all types that can be used in different situations.

Download Apex Legends Mobile APK and OBB File

Download Apex Legends Mobile
NameApex Legends Mobile
Size2.6 GB
DeveloperRespawn Entertainment
Supports5.0 & Up
Last UpdatedJuly 2022

How To Download?

  1. Click On The Above Button
  2. Wait For The Timer To Finish
  3. Click on The Device Where You Want To Download
  4. You Will Be Redirected To The Download Page
  5. Download The Game
  6. Log in with your Apple ID/Gmail/Facebook/EA account
  7. Congratulations!


Is Apex Legends Mobile A Free To Play?

Yes, Apex Legends Mobile is free to play on PC, Console, and Mobile too, but the in-game items Battle Pass, Outfits, and Skins require money to purchase.

Does It Support Cross-Play With PC & Console?

No, it doesn’t support cross-play with PC & Console, because it is built especially for mobile.

Is Mobile Version Different From PC & Console Version?

Yes, the mobile version is different from the PC & Console versions. Respawn has worked hard with Lightspeed Studios to expand the word of Apex Legends with new mobile-first legends, maps, gameplay, modes, progression, and life events.

Can I Buy Syndicate Gold Using Redeem Code?

Yes, you can buy Syndicate Gold using Google Play Redeem Code.

Can I Change My In-Game ID?

Yes, you can change your in-game ID by using the rename card.

What Is The Highest Possible Rarity Tier For Each Item In Apex Legends Mobile?

In-game items are available at the following rarities:
COMMON – White
RARE – Blue
EPIC – Purple
ETERNAL – Orange

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